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American Cherry wood scales

American Cherry wood scales (SKU  RR1482) £4.95

Two American cherry wooden handles
Each measures 4" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"

American Walnut wood scales

American Walnut wood scales (SKU  RR1483) £4.95

Two American walnut wooden handles
Each measures 4" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"

American Oak wood scales

American Oak wood scales (SKU  RR1481) £4.95

Two American oak wooden handles
Each measures 4" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"

Black Limba

Non Stabilised Black Limba (SKU. M6432) £6.95

Pale yellow to light brown with black streaks.
120 x 50 x 27mm

Hawaiian Koa

Non Stabilised Hawaiian Koa (SKU. M6424) £7.95

Colour can be highly variable but tends to be medium golden or reddish brown, similar to Mahogany.
There are usually contrasting bands of color in the growth rings, and it is not uncommon to see boards with ribbon-like streaks of colour.
Boards figured with wavy and/or curly grain are also not uncommon
25 x 40 x 125mm


Non Stabilised Plain (SKU. M6435) £7.95

30 x 40 x 120mm


Non Stabilised Cherry (SKU. M6487) £7.95

The colour may vary.
30 x 40 x 120mm

Wild Olive

Non Stabilised Wild Olive (484) £7.95

Rare hardwood from Australia.
Premium grade.


Non Stabilised Cork (M6415) £7.95

145 x 50 x 35 mm


Non Stabilised Mesquite (SKU. 6440) £7.95

120 x 40 x 28mm


Non Stabilised Zebrano (SKU. M6473) £8.95

30 x 40 x 120 mm


Non Stabilised Teak (M6420) £9.95

30 x 40 x 120mm

Leopard wood

Non Stabilised Leopard wood (SKU. 6409) £9.95

Size approx. 25 x 40 x 130mm


Non Stabilised Bocote (SKU. M6422) £10.95

Has a yellowish brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes.
Colour tends to darken with age. Also, the grain patterning can be quite striking. Is easily worked and machined with good results.
Turns and finishes
Approximately 25 x 38 x 127mm

Kingsnake Dymondwood

Non Stabilised Kingsnake Dymondwood £10.95

1 1/8" x 1 1/2" x 5"
Thin layers of natural American hardwoods, resins and dyes are embedded in the wood under extreme heat and pressure to make perfect handle material.

Non Stabilised Thuya scales x 2

Non Stabilised Thuya scales x 2 (SKU. 16352) £11.95

40 x 30 x 125mm

Sallowroot Super

Non Stabilised Sallowroot Super (SKU. M6482) £11.95

40 x 28 x 115mm

Alder Burl

Non Stabilised Alder Burl (SKU. M6494) £12.95

Approx. 30 x 40 x 120mm


Non Stabilised Banksia (SKU. M6433) £11.95


Bog Oak

Non Stabilised Bog Oak (SKU. M6140) £12.95

40 x 40 x 150mm

Pakka Woodscamo

Non Stabilised Pakka Woodscamo £12.95

36 x 31 x 125mm
Dense wood, thin layers. A laminate of through colored wood veneers, produced in the same principle as micarta. The strongest wood material we carry.

Indian Rosewood

Non Stabilised Indian Rosewood (SKU. M64+91) £13.95

45 x 28 x 115mm  aprox

Pakka Silver/Black

Non Stabilised Pakka Silver/Black £13.95

36 x 31 x 125mm

Pakka Desert Camo

Non Stabilised Pakka Desert Camo £13.95

36 x 30 x 125mm

Cocobolo Tropical hardwood from Central America

Non Stabilised Cocobolo tropical hardwood from Central America (SKU.M6478) £14.95

40 x 30 x 115mm

Non Stabilised Acacia Burl

Non Stabilised Acacia Burl (SKU. M6496) £14.95

Approximately 125mm x 30mm x 40mm

Tasmanian Eucalypt burl

Non Stabilised Tasmanian Eucalypt Burl (M6435) £14.95

Rare hardwood from Australia.
Premium grade.

Thuya Burl

Non Stabilised Thuya Burl (M6495) £14.95

40 x 28 x 120 mm

Afzelia Burl

Non Stabilised Afzelia Burl (M6477) £15.95

45 x 28 x 115 mm

Amboina Burl A

Non Stabilised Amboina Burl A (M6489) £15.95

45 x 28 x 115 mm

Coolibah Burl

Non Stabilised Coolibah Burl (SKU. M6465) £16.95

Coolibah comes from one of the hardest and strongest trees in the world. This species is widely distributed over Northern Australia, generally along rivers and in heavy soils of flood plains.
This premium exotic burl wood offers unmatched colour and grain patterns. This deep reddish-brown blank is perfect match for our high-end turnings.
Approx. 30 x 40 x 120mm

Ash Burl

Non Stabilised Ash Burl (M6497) £16.95

30 x 42 x 120 mm

Non Stabilised Tulipwood

Non Stabilised Tulipwood (SKU. M6438) £17.95

Tulipwood is an exotic wood native to the tropical region of South America, mainly Brazil.
It is a hard and heavy wood, with a rather fine texture.
The sapwood is a solid yellow color, while the heartwood color ranges from a pink to a darker red, with a straw colored background. Tulipwood is excellent for wood turning.
It is a lustrous wood, has excellent polishing qualities, and glues well.
Size approx. 38mm x 38mm x 152mm

Black Locust Burl

Non Stabilised Black Locust Burl (SKU. M6468) £17.95

27 x 40 x 120mm
The piece on the photo has been  oiled.
The wood is extremely hard, resistant to rot and durable, making it prized for furniture, flooring, paneling, fence posts and small watercraft. Wet, newly-cut planks have an offensive odour which disappears with seasoning.Flavonoids in the heartwood allow the wood to last over 100 years in soil. In the Netherlands and some other parts of Europe, black locust is one of the most rot-resistant local trees, and projects have started to limit the use of tropical wood by promoting this tree and creating plantations. It is one of the heaviest and hardest woods.

Brown Mallee Burl

Non Stabilised Brown Mallee Burl (M6464) £19.95

Rare hardwood from Australia.
Premium grade.

Red Mallee burl

Non Stabilised Red Mallee burl (SKU. M6463) £19.95

Red Mallee burl is an incredible species with vivid color and figure. This native Australian timber has a distinctive mix of pink, red, and violet heartwood with contrasting white sapwood.  The wood is dense and easily yields a smooth, durable finish with light sanding. This rare lumber offers a natural artistic palette for any artisan.
120mm x 45mm x 34mm

Curly Birch - Large

Non Stabilised Curly Birch - Large (SKU. M6506) £19.95

42 x 50 x 200mm

Curly Birch Extreme

Non Stabilised Curly Birch Extreme (M6502) £20.95


Pink Ivory

Non Stabilised Pink Ivory (M6444) £20.95

Pink Ivory is an exotic wood native to Southern Africa, and is one of the most rare and beautiful woods in the world. It is a very hard wood, strong and stiff, with a fine texture.
Although difficult to work with hand tools, Pink Ivory is excellent for wood turning and carving.
It finishes extremely well to a high polish.

Black and White Ebony

Non Stabilised Black and White Ebony (SKU. M6427) £21.95

Black and White Ebony is an exotic wood with color that is reported to vary with species, usually uniformly black with light-colored bands, pale to medium brown zones, or with marked contrast between almost white and black wood. The black heartwood is reported to be more brittle than the lighter coloured sapwood.

Size approx. 38 x 38 x 152mm

Turkish Walnut Burl

Turkish Walnut Burl (SKU. 6400) £22.95

Highly figured Turkish Walnut Burl
Size approx 30mm x 40mm x 120mm

Yellow Box Burl

Non Stabilised Yellow Box Burl (450) £23.95


Non Stabilised Grey Box Burl

Non Stabilised Grey Box Burl (SKU. M6466) £28.95

Grey Box Burls are harvested in southeastern Australia from medium sized trees in the Eucalyptus family.
Lumber is heavy, dense, and rot resistant. Grey Box Burls are prized for their unique figure and color.
The darker piece in the images is oiled for photogenic purposes.

Non Stabilised Amboyna Burl

Non Stabilised Amboyna Burl (SKU. M6488) £34.95

Amboyna burl is moderately hard and resistant to wearing and marring.
It is a heavy wood.
The wood is high in density.
Size approx. 25mm x 38mm x 127mm

California Buck Eye Maple

Non Stabilised California Buck Eye Maple (SKU.10009) £35.95

126mm x 45mm x 8mm


Non Stabilised Snakewood (SKU. M6485) £36.95

Snakewood is so called for its characteristic snakeskin patterns. Wood is typically a reddish brown, with contrasting darker brown or black patches. Color tends to darken and homogenize with age and exposure. The wood is extremely dense, and has a pronounced blunting effect on cutters. Snakewood also tends to be quite brittle and can splinter easily while being worked. Despite the difficulties of working it, Snakewood turns well and finishes to a high polish.
Approximately 25x38x127 mm

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