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Straight Knife Sheath 4"

Straight Knife Sheath 4" (SKU. Brown SH 207/ SKU. Black SH 206 ) £6.95

Fits up to 4" blade.
Basketweave leather.

Boker Sheath
Boker Sheath (SKU. 090010) £12.95

Premium, brown leather sheath in the classic shape.
Small Pen knives up to 75mm

Fox Knives Pouch

Fox Knives Pouch 9 - folding knives up to 9 cm (SKU. 09FX007) £11.95
Fox Knives Pouch 12 - folding knives up to 12 cm (SKU. 09FX006) £12.95

The open top of the this leather pouch with pushbutton tab allows more convenient access to the knife than classic pouches with full cover fold.
Fox sheaths are characterized by premium saddle leather and immaculate.

Dangler Loop (Black or Brown)

Dangler Black Loop Black (SKU. 10102) or Bark Brown (SKU. 10103) £13.95

Dangler is an excellent accessory which lets  your knife hang lower down from the waist, enabling it to move  freely. This makes movement and handling on and off the belt easier and smoother. The specially designed D-ring can also be used for other purposes.
Customers have requested an extended belt loop, a "dangler" so that a knife can be easily accessed even when you are wearing  a jacket  or be poked in the side when you sit in the car.
The knife comes off easily without having to open your belt, you can also move the knife to your backpack if required, or just quickly remove it  if you are approaching an area where knives are not permitted.

Enzo Sheath Multicarry 70

Enzo Sheath Multicarry 70 (SKU. M1548) £16.95

Blade length 70 mm
Knife total length 155 mm
Especially designed for the Enzo Necker.
Premium grade 3 mm thick Spanish leather with a thick sewing thread.
Vertical and horizontal carry.

Hand made 4mm leather sheaths right or left hand UK made with English leather 

Hand made 4mm leather sheaths right or left hand UK made with English leather £22.95

To fit all clipper models as well as the Bushcraft range Triflex, Signal Forest, Force, Robust, as well as Enzo trapper, Falknives FI and H1

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