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This compact, lightweight hunting saw allows you to quickly and safely cut through the pelvic bone while field dressing a deer or other big game without puncturing the colon or bladder. Also works wonders on rib cage and leg bones.
If you're an experienced hunter, or if you just want to look like an experienced hunter, you'll discover that this indispensable tool helps you make quick, clean work of field dressing. Comes with a camouflaged nylon sheath with belt attachment.

Sagen Saw

Sagen Hunters Field Saw £21.95

Safely cuts bone during field dressing (pelvic bone, ribcage, leg bones). Hardened steel butcher band saw blade with stopper prevents blade exiting bone during saw stroke. Bumper pushes bladder & colon away from saw, helps to prevent organ rupture. 4 finger T-style grip handle. Weighs 4 oz.

SagenSaw II SagenSaw II
SagenSaw II £31.95

Sagen Inc. has added the SagenSaw II - same rugged tool with a longer blade and larger bumper; specifically designed to field dress the largest game such as moose, elk, large deer, and grizzly bear.
30% Bigger, Longer & Stronger
The new SagenSaw II cuts through the pelvic and rib bones of moose, elk and large deer, and grizzly bear with ease.
Light weight and easy to carry, the SagenSaw II is the perfect accessory for big game hunters.
The bright yellow handle stands out in tall grass and brush.

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