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Yrjo Puronvarsi blades are hammered out of old Krupp carbon steel, and are unique with their rombic transversal section, they are thickest in the middle where the gridline begins.
"Great blades! You can dress a whole Deer with one and still shave it."

Puronvarsi 75

Puronvarsi 75 (SKU. M5286) £37.95

These blades are very special hand forged blade 75mm
75-80 x 19-20mm

Puronvarsi 70

Puronvarsi 70 (SKU. M5280) £47.95

A very special hand forged blade 125mm, blade widths may vary.
70mm x 20mm

Puronvarsi 100

Puronvarsi 100 (SKU. M5289) £48.95

A very special hand forged blade 100mm, blade widths may vary.
100mm x 20mm

Puronvarsi Hunter 100

Puronvarsi Hunter 100 (SKU. 5290) £50.95

100mm x 28mm

Puronvarsi 125

Puronvarsi 125 (SKU. M5291) £52.95

A very special hand forged blade 125mm, blade widths may vary.
125mm x 23mm

Puronvarsi Leuku
Puronvarsi Leuku (SKU. 5293) £82.95

Blade length: 230mm
Blade width: 38mm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Total: 380mm

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