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Mora of Sweden Appointed Royal Purveyor There is more than 300 years of experience behind today's modern FROSTS knife factory. Knives were already manufactured during the 17th century in and around the town of Mora. Frosts Knivfabrik was started more than 100 years ago by Erik Frost, an experienced knifesmith in the village of Östnor outside Mora. His ”Mora knives” were soon widely acclaimed not only throughout Sweden but also abroad. Success was quickly gained through their superior and outstanding sharpness and toghness. It is the 4th generation of knifesmiths who now have carried on the traditions in a modern and well planned factory situated on the same site as that from the start in 1891.

Mora of Sweden has been granted Royal Purveyor by His Majesty the King of Sweden. To be eligible for a royal warrant a company must supply goods or services to a member of the Royal Family.
These companies may use the Greater Coat of Arms to indicate that they are holders of a royal warrant.

Mora®knife Axe Camp 1991
Mora®knife Axe Camp (SKU. 12508) £47.95

The camp axe is a versatile heavy duty axe by Mora of Sweden. The head is made of black epoxy coated boron steel, making it very strong. It also has a reinforced plastic handle. The axe comes with a leather sheath.
Heavy Duty
Bushcraft friendly

Mora®knife Combi 2001 - Gift Box

Mora®knife Combi 2001 - Gift Box £49.95

An appreciated gift. This adaptable axe – Mora Camp Fritidsyxa recreation axe– only weighs 0.5 kg.
Axe head of black epoxy coated boron steel.
Reinforced plastic handle.
Leather sheath.
The knife – Mora®kniv 2000 – has a profile-ground blade of cold-rolled special stainless steel from Sandvik and a patterned high-friction grip.
Blade length 115 mm.
Plastic sheath with a flexible leather strap.

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