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This marvellous material sands, saws and drills easily. Resins and Mica powders combine to create a durable product that will offer a lifetime of service once properly fastened to your liners or blade. Deep iridescent, slightly translucent colours come alive when polished with Luxor compounds or smilar.
The Mica group of sheet silicate (phyllosilicate) minerals includes several closely related materials. Throughout the ages, fine powders of Mica have been used for various purposes, including decorations. Powdered mica glitter is used to decorate traditional water clay pots in India, Pakistan and Banglades.

Mica Grip Cream/Gold scale pair

Mica Grip Cream/Gold scale pair (SKU.  M18300) £19.95

10mm x 40mm x 120mm
Scale pair 2 pcs

Mica Grip Copper Swirl scale pair

Mica Grip Copper Swirl scale pair (SKU 18302) £19.95

10m x 40mm x 120mm

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