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Helle Fiskekniv Blade

Helle Fiskekniv Blade (SKU. 62B) £14.95

Blade length: 155mm
Blade width: 15mm
Blade thickness: 1.6mm
Total: 225mm
Steel: Stainless 12C27

Helle Wind

Helle Wind (SKU. 180) £16.95

Blade length: 80mm
Blade width: 28mm
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Total: 157mm
Steel: Laminated Stainless  

Helle Ola-Kniv 58mm

Helle Ola-Kniv (56) £17.95

58mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Fjording 70mm

Helle Fjording (50) £18.95

Helle Fjording Blade blank features a strong, triple laminated carbon steel blade with a thickness of 3mm, blade length of 70mm, and an overall length of 165 mm.
The Fjording blade makes an excellent, compact, all-purpose outdoor knife for devotees of carbon steel.

Rallarkniv 85mm

Helle Rallarkniv (105) £18.95

85mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Viking 89mm

Helle Viking (96) £18.95

Helle Viking Blade blank features a 3.7mm thick laminated carbon steel blade with an overall length of 255 mm, and a blade length of 111mm.
One of Helle's most popular knives, now you can fit your own handle for this very popular model, traditionally styled carbon blade.

Helle Polar 70mm

Helle Polar (160) £18.95

70mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Helle Nyling 70mm

Helle Nyling (55) £18.95

70mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Fjellmann 95mm

Helle Fjellmann (52) £18.95

95mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Turmann 80mm

Helle Turmann (51) £19.95

80mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Harding 100mm

Helle Harding (99) £19.95

Helle Harding blade blank gives you the opportunity to fit your own  handle one of Helle's classic knives.
Featuring a a 3.1mm thick laminated stainless steel blade with a blade length of 100mm, and an overall length of 219 mm

Odel 89mm

Helle Odel (15) £19.95

89mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Tollekniv 110mm

Helle Tollekniv (S) £19.95

110mm Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Helle Safari (90)

Helle Braker (90) £21.95

Helle Veideman

Helle Veideman (SKU. 53) £22.95

The Helle Veidemann Blade is the same laminate gut hook blade with a high alloy hard edge steel center featured in the production Helle Veidemann knife. The Veidemann blade blank is 3mm thick with an overall length of 200 mm, and blade length of 90 mm. 12c27 Steel

Helle Temagami stainless steel

Helle Temagami stainless steel (SKU 300) £36.95

Les Stroud and  Helle Temagami Blade blank is the same laminated stainless steel blade featured in Helle's Temagami knife.
Made from Helle's laminated high carbon stainless steel, the Temagami blade blank is 3 mm thick, with an overall blade length of 230 mm

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