Moonraker Knives



Blades made to highest precision. Swedish Uddeholm AEB-L stainless steel.

Eklund Whittler 60

Eklund Whittler 60 (SKU. M5027) £32.95

Blade length: 62mm
Blade width: 20mm
Blade thickness: 2.6mm
Total:  160mm
Steel:  Stainless AEB-L


EKLUND 65 (SKU. 5020) £39.95

Blade length: 85 mm
Blade width: 21 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Total: 185 mm
Steel: Stainless AEB-L

EKLUND Forged 75

EKLUND Forged 75 (SKU. M5023) £39.95

Blade length: 75 mm
Blade width: 26 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Total: 175 mm
Steel: Stainless AEB-L

Eklund 90

Eklund 90 (SKU. M5022) £42.95

Blade length: 88-95mm
Blade width: 23mm
Blade thickness: 3mm
Total:  195mm
Steel:  Stainless AEB-L

Eklund 80 RWL

Eklund 80 RWL (SKU. 5035) £46.95

Blade length: 80mm
Blade width: 20mm
Blade thickness: 3.5mm
Total: 185mm
Steel: RWL-34
Bolster: 3571

Eklund Forged 95

Eklund Forged 95 (SKU. 5025) £tbc

Blade length: 95mm
Blade width: 24mm
Blade thickness: 3mm
Total: 195mm
Steel: Stainless AEB-L 

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