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Book How to Make Knives

Book How to Make Knives by Richard W. Barney & Robert W. Loveless. (SKU BK24) £20.94

182 pages. Softcover. 
Country of Origin: USA

Knives 2012: The World's Greatest Knife Book By Joe Kertzman

Knives 2012: The World's Greatest Knife Book By Joe Kertzman £22.95

In its 32nd Edition, Knives 2012 progresses with the knives, showcasing the increasing talent of the world's best knifemakers who forge and grind curvaceous blades, fashion handles from the finest materials and practice embellishment techniques saved for only the most skilled artisans.

Featured articles:

  • Carving titanium handles
  • Making knife blades from Lake Superior beach sand
  • Hollywood movie knives and swords
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking swords
  • AND...the finer points of Bob Loveless knives

Knives 2013: The World's Greatest Knife Book By Joe Kertzman

Knives 2013: The World's Greatest Knife Book By Joe Kertzman £24.95

For collectors or enthusiasts of handmade knives, this is the illustrated book to buy . The world's best knife writers pen a dozen articles, chosen and compiled by Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor, BLADE Magazine.


  • Includes more than 650 color photos of new, custom, handmade, artistic knives, and a complete custom knifemaker directory, with contact information and technical information
  • The Knives book is the one and only annual title covering handmade knives fashioned by as many and varied custom knifemakers, worldwide, as can possibly be squeezed into 312 pages, and providing complete contact information—websites, emails, physical addresses, phone numbers, the types of knives they make, technical information, etc.—for these art pieces and utilitarian wonders, including embellishments like engraving, scrimshaw, jewel inlay, wire inlay, carving, sculpting and etching.

Book Knifemaking with Bob Loveless

Book Knifemaking with Bob Loveless. (SKU. BK179) £24.95

By Durwood Hollis.
192 page hardback.
Contains valuable information and many color photographs.
Country of Origin: USA

Deer & Big Game Processing Vol. I
Deer & Big Game Processing Vol. I £21.95

The most in-depth step by step processing video on the market today. A must have for all do-it-yourself deer hunters. Covers field dressing trophy and non-trophy game, caping, aging, quartering, de-boning, grinding and packaging. How to identify primary muscles and the table cuts available from each muscle group. Bonus feature with current CWD information. Approximate run time 3 hours.

Sausage Processing Vol I £21.95

Learn to manufacture a variety of sausage products in your home smoker or oven. Video covers grinding techniques, seasonings, preservatives, fat to lean meat ratios, natural and liquid smoke application, humidity, surface moisture and all the advanced sausage processing techniques you will need. A fantastic gift for the home processor. Approximate run time 2 hours.

Advanced Jerky Processing: Volume 4

Advanced Jerky Processing: Volume 4 £21.95

Learn step-by-step to produce jerky nuggets, smoked, formed, re-structured and whole muscle jerky. How to de-bone the best game meat for whole muscle jerky.  Run time 2 hours

Quarter and De-bone Big Game In the Field: Volume 2

Quarter and De-bone Big Game In the Field: Volume 2 £21.95

A must have video for any hunter harvesting deer, elk, caribou and moose in remote locations. Learn step-by-step techniques to completely de-bone big game in the field and minimize carry weight. Run time 2 hours.

Mastering Marination Volume 5

Mastering Marination Volume 5 £21.95

Learn how to perfectly marinade wild game to prevent dryness, off flavors and toughness to prepare delicious, more flavorful meats and fish. Marinated backstraps, bone-in/boneless hams, Canadian bacon, waterfowl and smoked fish and are just some of the topics covered in this must have home processing DVD. Run time 2 hours.

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