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Blackjack KnivesYou can see all the new Blackjack knives right here…the Blackjack brand is back.
All are top-quality blades, knives crafted to last, designed to cut. We make superior cutting instruments, not wannabe gadgets or built-to-a-price ordinary dull knives. The knives are more than razor-sharp out of the box, hand-finished with full convex edges, which give you the sharpest, longest lasting edge geometry there is, simple to maintain and to restore.
If you want genuinely modern high-tech belt knives, they are here. If you want sturdy unobtrusive good-looking working companion knives, we got ‘em. If you like the American Classic styles, we make them. Small, medium, large, really big --- we got ‘em.
The knives in the best-designed production sheaths on the market. And we offer nearly a dozen specialty sheaths as optional purchases. Carrying a Blackjack knife is comfortable and safe --- and a lot of the sheaths are quick, too.
No gimmicks --- just performance And they are all Blackjack Sharp

Blackjack Tactical Pen

Blackjack Tactical Pen (SKU. BJ058) £12.95

Pen 5 5/8" overall.
Black anodized aluminum construction with grooved grip.
Black finish stainless pocket clip. Working ball point pen with black ink.
One end is pointed which could be used as a self defense tool.
Other end is blunt and could be used as a control device.
Uses Fisher Space Pen refills.

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